Youth soccer in the United States is broken, its way too expensive and the quality of the players it produces falls behind the rest of the world. Why is it that soccer is so expensive? Most top level soccer clubs have their most competitive teams in leagues like the ECNL. Cost for these programs can reach $6,000 a child. All of this in the hopes that you get noticed, that you can achieve your full potential. Here at KNVB FV our top teams play the best, we will have national champions and consistently rank in the top of the Nation. We also have a huge network of connections at the University and Professional level. We are directly connected with Feyenoord fc as well as the the Dutch KNVB and have created a pipeline to be able to get our best players tryouts at the professional level. Also, our priority is to get our players in college and hopefully find a program that can help offset the cost of their education. Don’t pay $60,000 over your soccer career to get a $5,000 scholarship to a school you don’t even want to go too. Come play with the best, compete at the highest level and be a part of Nevada’s most affordable and BEST soccer program.

KNVB FC is always looking for families and players with the right attitude, character, and desire to grow their skills! If your player loves soccer and is looking for a great club call us at 702-445-9237