Our Club

We are parents, we are ex players, we are coaches, we’ve had kids at these other clubs and we are mad….mad that so much potential is being wasted, so many unhappy parents, so many unhappy players, some are at these clubs because…well…it’s either the  5 “TOP” CLUBS or the smaller clubs….in talking to parents , we get a sense of hopelessness and helplessness….most go “well my daughter has been to this club, then issues with the coach or club, then went to that club, now at this club and while unhappy, where else can we go? Well….KNVB FC is the answer. We treat you and your Kids like family. You’re not just another replaceable number, you are family. KNVB FC hopes to build a new soccer culture in Nevada, introduce a lot of new things whose aim is to do what all these other clubs are supposed to be doing…DEVELOPING PLAYERS.

We believe that if a player isn’t developing, as long as the player is willing to work hard, it isn’t the player, its US, we take accountability for your development. We take responsibility for your growth as a player. We take responsibility for college recruitment. We take responsibility for producing the top players in Nevada.

A lot of times, players are torn down, told they’re no good, that they don’t measure up, a lot of teams have one or two player strategies….the goal scorer and maybe one midfielder and to the coaches and clubs, everyone else is disposable. At KNVB FC- EVERY PLAYER IS IMPORTANT AND CRITICAL TO THE SUCCESS OF THE TEAM.  On a lot of teams, rules don’t apply to everyone, especially the so called top players…..here’s my question to the clubs…who coached the players that you are now saying don’t measure up? YOU! So please take responsibility….the players in the state are a reflection of the coaches, clubs, club administration and yes…our state FA….